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Providing Podiatry Care in North East Victoria and the Riverina, New South Wales.


How can we help your feet?

  • General Nail & Skin Treatment

    Our podiatrists can assist in the routine care and regular maintenance of feet including skin and nails, provide pain-free short term management and long term prevention of conditions such as; corns, calluses and warts.

  • General Foot Pain Treatment

    Our podiatrists are experts in providing clinically proven solutions to help your foot and leg pain. We can help manage your injuries and degenerative conditions. You might benefit from seeing a podiatrist if you suffer from heel pain, forefoot pain, ankle pain, arch pain, muscular pain, knee pain, hip and lower back pain, and ankle sprains.

  • Diabetes Assessment and Management

    Podiatrists are trained to assess, diagnose, provide education on foot care and treat all conditions which may occur in diabetic feet. Diabetics are at increased risk of changes in feeling and blood flow to the foot and may result in significant changes in foot health. Included in a diabetic assessment your podiatrist will assess your foot health and provide education to allow you and your doctor to have a thorough understanding of lower limb health. It is recommended that diabetics see a podiatrist once a year for a full assessment of their foot health.

Why Choose Us

Professional and Personalised
We strive to provide professional and personalised care for clients that are looking to improve the overall health of their feet.

Simon our foot health experts have experience in a variety of podiatric health facilities, including nursing homes, high-risk clinics and in-home patient care, sports-focused clinics and sporting clubs.

With a passion for health and biomechanics, Simon not only provides you with strategies to optimise the use of your feet but to also improve the movement and function of your lower body.

Meet Our Team

Discover expert foot and ankle care with our skilled podiatrist. From diagnosis to personalized treatment, we prioritize your podiatric health for a step towards wellness.

Simon Lloyd


Owner / Senior Podiatrist
Simon Lloyd


Allied Health Clinician

Service Locations

Berrigan Health Service
Address: 39 Memorial Dr, Berrigan NSW 2712, Australia

Hay Medical Centre
Address: 351 Murray St, Hay NSW 2711, Australia

Hillston Multipurpose Service
Address: 48C Burns St, Hillston NSW 2675, Australia

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